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industrial paints
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industrial paints
Industrial Paints

We are one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of a wide range of High Performance Industrial Coatings and Heat Resistant Paints. These are catering to the requirements of automation, construction, material handling equipment and casting industry.


industrial paints

Industrial Paints and Coatings

We are offering a wide range of industrial paints and coatings, which mean the pigmented liquids or powders that are used to protect and beautify substrates. These paints contain a resin, solvent, pigments, additives and also diluents. The solvent based paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) which act as the carrier. Our industrial coatings provide solvent-free coatings.

Types of Paints and Coatings:

• Waterborne
• Solvent-based
• Compliant
• Solvent-free
• Air-dry & baking systems
• Textured Coatings
bg Applications bg
• Lance pipes of steel melting shop
• Buildings
• Trains
• Furniture restoration
• Aviation
• Ultrasonic tanks
• Commercial marine
• Military vehicles
• Offshore
• Graffiti
• Dip tanks
• Asbestos & artex removal
• Industrial
• Automotive
• Handicraft
• Arts & crafts
• Powder coating
• Automation
• Construction
• Material handling equipment
• Casting industry
• Industrial coatings are used for corrosion control of steel or concrete
bg Benefits bg
Some of benefits of industrial paints and coatings are mentioned below:

• Multiple layers removed with one application (to bare metal)
• Stripper works without constant intervention allowing other jobs to be done while stripper works
• Reduced man-hours
• Reduced volume of waste
• Reduced cost of waste disposal
• Elaborate containment systems not required
• Easy clean-up
bg Available Varieties bg
• Types of Industrial Coatings : Inorganic zinc, phosphate, and xylan and PVD coatings.
• Types of Paints : Enamel paints, rubber paints, epoxy paints, thinner, high temperature paintandturpentine
We manufacturer and suppliers of Industrial Coatings and Heat Resistant Paints and our setup is situated at Dehugaon, Pune ( Maharashtra, India )
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