Heat Resistant Paints
Heat Resistant Paints
Heat Resistant Paints
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Heat Resistant Paints
Heat Resistant Paints
Heat Resistant Paints
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Anti Tarnishing Coatings

Heat Resistant Paints
Heat Resistant Paints Technical Data Sheet Heat Resistant Paints
Product : - SPLUC-033

This is a very special product designed as a nano coating, which gives high performance properties in lowest film thickness. Transparent clear lacquer is based on ceramic, it give high abrasion resistance, mar & slip resistance and anti tarnishing property for the copper material. It gives the adhesion on any ferrous or non ferrous metal.

Technical Specification : -

Area of Application
M. S. , AL, GI ,S.S., Copper, Glass
Supply Viscosity
20 +_ 5 sec. By ford cup B-4@ 30deg.C as per I. S. – 3944.
TH-033 by plasma
Sp. Gravity
1.00 +_ 0.05 kg/ lits
Hegman Gauge
Finish on Panel
smooth & matt
Drying Time
S. D. - <30 mins.
T. F. - <04 Hrs.
H. D. – 24 Hrs
Scratch Hardness
2.0 kgs
06 - 10 Micron / coat
15-18 sq meter / lit
Mixing Ratio
Pot life
Salt Spray Resistance
500 Hrs

Directions for Use :
1. Ensure the surface to be coated is free from any loose paint, dust or grease.
2. Stir well the lacquer thoroughly in the container.
3. Stain the lacquer with bloating nylon no.40.
4. Apply two coats of the lacquer on the surface.
5. Keep the pressure to 2.8- 3.5 kg/sq.cm. And the air should be completely dry and free from moisture.
• flammable Liquid and Vapour
Causes : Eye Irritation
• May cause skin Irritation

First Aid : - Major
1) For Eyes: - Immediately flush with plenty of water
2) Get medical attention
3) Remove affected cloths
On Skin : -
1) Immediately flush with plenty of water.
2) Remove contaminated clothing.
3) Wash clothing before using.
Handling :-
keep away from heat, sparks and flame. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing.
Storage :-
• keep in a cool, dry and ventilated place.
• Stable under normal condition.
Percussions :-
Do not add any thinner or material in paint, which is not Recommended.
Note : - All information concerning this product and / or product and /or suggestions for handling and use contained herein are offered in good faith and are believed to be reliable. Plasma however makes no warranty as to the accuracy of and / or sufficiency of such information.
We manufacturer and suppliers of Industrial Coatings and Heat Resistant Paints and our setup is situated at Dehugaon, Pune ( Maharashtra, India )
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