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Lead Free Paints
Lead Free Paints
Lead Free Paints
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Lead Free Paints

Lead Free Paints
Our company is engaged in manufacturing Lead Free Paints, Quick Drying Paints and Primers, which finds wide usage in structural steel, ornamental iron, tinplate and weathered galvanized iron. These have excellent bonding to hand or power tool cleaned surfaces.
Lead Free Paints Lead Free Paint Lead Free Paints
Lead Poisoning:
What is it & who is affected ?

• Lead is a highly toxic substance, exposure to which can produce a wide range of adverse health
• Lead occurs naturally in the earth's crust.
• When ingested, inhaled, or absorbed through skin, lead is highlytoxic to humans.
• No level of lead in blood is safe or normal.
• The disturbing fact is that exposure to extremely small amounts can have long-term and measurable
   effects in children while at the same time causing no distinctive symptoms.
• Once lead is absorbed into the bloodstream, some of it is filtered out and excreted, but the rest gets
   distributed to the liver, brain, kidneys and bones.
• Both adults and children can suffer from the effects of lead poisoning, but childhood lead poisoning is
   much more frequent.
• Children's digestive system absorbs up to 50% of the lead they ingest.

There are many ways in which humans are exposed to lead :

• Through deteriorating paint, household dust, bare soil, air, drinking water, food, ceramics, home
   remedies, hair dyes and other cosmetics.
• By far the biggest source of concern is the lead based paint that is commonly used on the interiors
   and exteriors of our homes.
• While lead paint that is in intact condition does not pose an immediate concern, lead paint that is
   allowed to deteriorate creates a lead-based paint hazard.
• It can contaminate household dust as well as bare soil around the house, where children may play.
• All it takes is the lead dust equivalent of a single grain of salt for a child to register an elevated blood
   lead level.

Why is Lead harmful ?

• Lead can cause harm wherever it lands in the body.
• In the bloodstream, for example, it can damage red blood cells and limit their ability to carry oxygen to
   the organs and tissues that need it.
• Most lead ends up in the bone, where it causes even more problems. Lead can interfere with the
   production of blood cells and the absorption of calcium that bones need to grow healthy and strong.

• What Are the Effects of Long-Term Lead Poisoning?

1. Decreased bone and muscle growth
2. poor muscle coordination
3. damage to the nervous system, kidneys, and/or hearing
4. speech and language problems, developmental delay
5. Seizures, unconsciousness (in cases of extremely high lead levels)

• The World Health Organization estimates that 15-18 million children in developing countries are
   suffering from permanent brain damage due to lead poisoning.

Awareness & Prevention

• The good news is that you canprotect yourself & your family from lead poisoning.
• Be aware about potential lead sources in your house or anywhere your child spends long periods of
• Deficiency of iron, calcium and zinc increase absorption and effects of lead.
• A developing country like India can tackle this serious, but preventable environmental health hazard
   through proper awareness and prevention measures.
Lead Free Paint
Lead Free Paints

Quick Drying Paints and Primers

Lead Free Paints
We are manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Quick Drying Paints and Primers, which is quality alkyd primers and find an extensive application across interior and external metal surfaces such as equipment, machinery, tanks, rolling stock and other tough surfaces. Further, our range is renowned for its good wetting properties providing penetration.

Features :

• Resistance to rust and corrosion
• Penetrate cracks around light rust and mill scale
• Good wetting properties providing penetration
• Excellent bonding to hand or power tool cleaned surfaces
We manufacturer and suppliers of Industrial Coatings and Heat Resistant Paints and our setup is situated at Dehugaon, Pune ( Maharashtra, India )
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