Heat Resistant Paints
Heat Resistant Paints
Heat Resistant Paints
Heat Resistant Paints
Heat Resistant Paints
Heat Resistant Paints
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Plasma- AL ( Aluminium Formwork pretreatment chemical)

Heat Resistant Paints
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Plasma-AL is Degreasing /Etching / Desmutting solution for aluminum, based on mixtures of surfactants and inhibitors.3 to 4 minute pre processing in Plasma-AL bath help in removing oil from aluminium and produces a smooth, uniform golden yellow colour coating inchromatising bath. This also removes the white rust and fine oxide layers from Aluminium surface.

Plasma-AL provides the following important benefits:
Since Plasma-AL help to removes the white rust and oxides, the corrosion resistance automatically improves.
Plasma-AL gives the better performance for Aluminium Formwork Coating Constro-067.
Bath Make up:
For each 100 litres of bath, add 10 lits. Of Plasma-AL with constant stirring
Control points:
10 % V/V
8.0-12.0 mls.
Process Time
5-6 mins.
Operating Temperature
Material of Tank Construction: -
Plasma-AL bath must be prepared in S.S. or M.S. tank with F.R.P.coating or any suitable acid resistant coating. The next water rinse after Plasma-AL is also need to made in acid resistant tank.
Bath control:
The Plasma-AL concentrations can be determined by simple titration tests.
• Restore the bath volume with water and mix well.
• Pipette 1.0 ml of the bath sample into a conical flask.
• Add approximately 100 ml. Distilled water
• Add 5 drops of Bromocresol green indicator.
• Titrate with 0.1N NaOH contained in a burette, until the end point greencolour appears
• The burette reading is the Pointage of bath.
Add 7.5 litrs of Plasma-AL for each point below 8.0 mls.
For 100 ltrs bath capacity.
Packing and Handling
Plasma-AL is packed in 35 Ltr. cans. Partially used cans should be firmly sealed and stored in a dry place.
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